Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Firehouse Art Center, Norman, OK

Christmas has appeared at the Firehouse Art Center in Norman,OK.
I stopped by to take a couple photos of a friend's work and decided that I would take a few photos of the gallery.
I am disappointed that everything came out with a yellow tinge.
I haven't time to put them thru photoshop so here they are, as is.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Friday, the Thirteenth was the monthly ArtWalk in Norman, OK.
A good idea that is happening in many towns and cities.
I had the good fortune to see Cecil Lee's exhibit "The Garden as Art" which is on display at the Santa Fe Depot until November 29.
It is a lovely show featuring Cecil's gorgeous garden which is a work of art in its self.
Cecil has manipulated his digital photographs, repeating images to the point that some reminds one of fractuals.
Most of Norman's galleries, interesting shops, were opened 6 to 10 pm.
I awoke Saturday to a phone call that was an order for 7 copper roses for a 7th wedding anniversary gift, they need to be shipped Monday.
Luckily I had been making a set of seven and had five roses made, so spending most of Saturday in my studio, I was able to finish them today.

Tomorrow I will make a little copper heart with their names, box everything, and take to post office.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brass Roses or "Yellow Rose of Texas", Beautiful Wedding Gift!

Received a request for a Brass Rose from a man in Texas. So thought it would be fun to make some " Yellow Roses of Texas"
Similar to my Copper Roses this Brass Rose also has Brass leaves.
The rose and leaves are attached to a steel rod which I cover with brass in a way to look like thorns but are not sharp.
It also comes with a glass vase, story card, and a Brass Heart.

Have noticed a slowing of sales over the summer, do hope with cooler weather, sales will warm up.
Will remind everyone that they can contact me thru my website:
www. Joy@Joygibat.com

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Metal Reflections on Suede

A couple summers ago, I did some small abstract metal sculptures. I was rather intrigued with them, sold a few but felt they were not quite complete. Just hanging them on a wall just didn't work, partly because they were so small.. they started out as Artist Trading Cards (2" x 3.5")

Couple days ago when I was supposed to be making some Southwestern things to send to gallery in NM, I had an idea on how to mount my little reflections.

I am not completely satisfied with the results but feel I am on the right track. I have lots of suede mat-board that I got several years ago. It is now about $45 a sheet 48"x36". It is also tempting me to do larger pieces. At least it is a solution without having to resort to framing.

Would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Big changes with Credit Card

Although I can't think of anything positive to do, I am wondering how the changes in charging interest (about 22% a year ) from the moment you charge anything on your credit card, will this hurt art sales or any sale, especially over the internet?
No more grace period of 20 to 30 days and this is for people who pay off their balance each month. Also no more miles or rebates/
The letters I have gotten say that these new policies will take effect in July or August. Bonus are also gone. This affects about every one.
I know that my first purchase on ebay would not have happened if I couldn't use a credit card. It was a wise decision on my part as it was a scam, several buyer got together (thru emails) and determined the seller was a fraud. We could not get ebay to do anything for several weeks. I and others who had used credit cards, quickly notified our providers and put a stop. They ones who had used a debit card, or let ebay (Paypal) remove money from their checking account were out of luck, and lost the hundred or so.
I hate the thought that I have to pay interest that starts the minute I buy something with a credit card, no matter how good my credit is, or that I pay the balance in full every month.
There is more information at: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/19/business/19credit.html

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I didn't mean to complain about losing a sale.
Of course I didn't like it but am glad that I found out and think I have the right solution.
Got two orders off today. One was for an set of two roses, the gentleman from Indiana had phoned me, he doesn't like using a computer so he sent me a letter with instructions and a check.
The other order was a first for me.
Last week a buyer called from Baghdad wanting 7 Copper Roses. This was first time I have made a sale in Iraq.

I shipped them to his wife in Hawaii. Wow, Priority Mail is expensive to Hawaii.
I am hoping I will get a couple photos to add to my collection of "Photos from Patrons" web page.

On a very personal note, I had all of my bottom teeth removed, and a denture inserted. I now have a very expensive smile, which is nice. Will post a photo later on, right now I have two round 50 scent size bruises just below my bottom lip. I have tried covering them with make-up but they still show. Am going to visit the dentist early Monday as I have some sore spots that he has to do something about. Right now I can't chew, only sip. Might be able to lose a few pounds which would be very nice.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Disappointed with ArtByUs

I am very disappointed with ArtByUs.
I have been telling artists that have a website, to put their ABU auctions on their websites and blogs
I have a link on my web page that shows what I have for sale at ABU as I thought it helped us both.
However; I have changed my mind.
I lost a sale of a set of three roses, as a customer explained :

"Hello Joy,
I will not be purchasing your copper roses, this time around. The artbyus.com site was delaying my registration, so because of my time frame issue, I decided to purchase my gift elsewhere.
I am sorry that this occurred; I really liked your artwork. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

I had thought until now that it was beneficial to have the ABU listing on my website.
I am continuing to have it on but have changed the wording to this:

"The Copper Roses listed below, can be shipped immediately.
You can safely purchase my work by contacting me www.Joy@Joygibat.com
By sending me an email with your selection, I can bill you quickly thru Paypal.

(You can order thru ArtByUs, but it is slower.
You must register with them, they verify you, then send me your email address.
I then contact you and bill you thru Paypal.)

As I have been urging artists to use ArtByUs, I felt I should make amends with this "what not to do"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unusual Photo

This most unique way of displaying a Copper Rose that I have gotten from a buyer.
The couple celebrated their 7th Wedding Anniversary with the above gift.
Soon they will receive even better gifts of their love, Twins!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Please conside pledging.

I came across this and am posting it here:
Sign my pledge at PledgeBank
I didn't know that Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras' wife Theano was a scholar and intellectual in her own right. Along with helping him raise five children, she put together writings on mathematics, art, beauty, philosophy, and child raising. She is credited with developing the Golden Mean, a crucial idea in aesthetic theory.
y taking this pledge, you sign up to honor and celebrate important women such as Theano by promising to create a blog post on June 24th concerning a female philosopher. As with Ada Lovelace Day, spotlighting women's contributions to technology, the woman you select may be from any nation, culture, or time period, living or dead...and you may blog in any style or format, using any software in any language.

I selected Theano as a mascot as she represents a work/life balance, an apparently decent and loving wife and mother as well as a scholar and professional. Throughout history and on average women have worked very hard in the background keeping things going by raising children, cooking, maintaining households, helping to earn a living through day-jobs...all very respectable activities. And many have made contributions to philosophy or other fields which may have been overlooked because the women are primarily known for work they have done in their other roles. So Theano's Day celebrates the philosophical contributions of women and attempts to bring their ideas out in the open to help inform modern society.

You may define 'philosopher' as you choose - someone need not have specialized in the field to be discussed in a blog for Theano's Day. For example, a female novelist, businesswoman, teacher, politician, nun, homemaker may have created a philosophical outlook worth discussing that is apparent through the values that come out through her work in other fields.

Some women to start with if you need help thinking of someone: Hypatia of Alexandria (mathematician and scholar), St. Catherine (mystic and humanitarian), Sor Juana (Mexican nun and intellectual) and Florence Nightingale and Jane Austen, each of whom developed a worldview and philosophy through their writings on various subjects.

We encourage as many people as possible from around the world to participate this June 24th and will set up a system to link the blogs so you may read each other's blogs. Please also pass on the word about Theano's Day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

As a First Prize

This Copper Rose was chosen not for a First Prize but as an award for for First Prize at a Classical Rapier Tourney with the SCA.
The tourney is called "Haire Affaire of the Heart”, 2009. So Conan J. wanted me to include a little copper heart with the information on it.
This was a fun sale.
I hope he sends me some photos of the event.

Although I have some heat in the studio where I do the welding and brazing, it is not warm enough for me, so I end up making excuses not to work out there. I got a lot done last week but little the past days as we are having what I hope is the last cold spell.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Copper Heart


Have decided to make a little copper heart to hang among the brass leaves of my Copper Roses. I put names and dates on it. So far people have liked it. If you have a Copper Rose of mine and would like a Copper Heart, let me know and I will mail you one. Go to : Joygibat.com and email me from there or Joy@joygibat.com

The other crabapple blossoms that are outside will probably get frozen, as we often have freezing weather in Oklahoma during March. Oh well, I can wish and bringing a few inside makes me happy.
The little tree has been here for years, rarely does it bear fruit as it blooms too early.

I had a lovely birthday, now that I am 72, think I should start deciding what I want to do when I grow up.

We had a couple of nasty tornados a couple days ago. One of my daughters and I saw the storm approach as we returned from OK City. She took me to a Korean restaurant for my birthday. Had a wonderful meal,
Bibimbap (Mixed Vegetables on Rice) with lot of little side dishes. Then to a Korean grocery store for a big jar if Kim Chee and sauce to make the Bibimbap. I got lovely gifts from my other daughters and grandchildren, it ended up that I celebrated for several days. Very nice.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentine Rose in Ruby Colored Vase

I have been complaining that I have had trouble getting my blood pressure to a lower level. I am taking several medications which has not been very successful.
A friend told me that she had heard that drinking "hibiscus tea" helped.
So I have given it a try (Now Foods - Heavenly Hibiscus Tea) and it seems to help. For the past 4 days, I have been getting SYS readings in the 130s and 120s instead of 150s, 160s and 170s. My DIA has always been in the 60s and 70s and has not changed.
I am not recommending that it is a cure, but will say that it has helped and that it is a pleasant herbal tea.
There is also a recipe for "Hibiscus Tea with Vodka and Citrus" thru Google which I haven't tried, but sound interesting.

I thought that January would be slow, but I have been getting orders my Copper Roses.
I found a couple Ruby colored glass vases so am offering them with a single full Copper Rose for Valentine Day. This one
I just listed at "ArtByUs" http://www.artbyus.com/auctions.php?a=2&b=276950

Oklahoma's weather has changed from the delightful 78º to 25º with sleet and snow, so I will stay indoors for a couple days.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Artful Bra Project

A dear friend sent me a link to :


Members of Quilters of South Carolina have created one-of-a-kind bras for Breast Cancer Awareness. The exhibit consists of forty-nine original works of art which are unique, entertaining, humorous, and beautiful to make the public aware of breast cancer, to memorialize those lost to the disease, and to honor survivors.

PS. On Feb 23, 2010 I have discovered that the above link to the ARTFUL BRA PROJECT no longer works. If anyone know how to connect to the project, please let me know.
Thank you!
Joy Gibat

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New photos

I just received a couple photos from a gentleman who ordered 7 Copper Roses for their 7th Wedding Anniversary, and thought I would share it.
Hi Joy,
We couldn't wait for the 7th so we celebrated our anniversary on Sunday the 4th.
My wife was thrilled. They even smell beautiful.
Thank you again for the beautiful job! "

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year

It is a bit like Spring inside my home.
My daughter, M.A., gave me some Paper Whites Bulbs when she visited at Thanksgiving.
Today, January 1, they bloomed and filled the house with their delightful fragrance.

Also a friend gave me a lovely Amaryllis for Thanksgiving, and it has bloomed again.

The last day of 2008 was lovely and warm ( 70º) for Oklahoma. I walked around the Duck Pond, the trees are not ready to bud yet, which is good as we will get more cold weather before long. It is just a delight to be able to walk outside without a coat and enjoy the blue, blue sky and warm breezes.