Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Metal Reflections on Suede

A couple summers ago, I did some small abstract metal sculptures. I was rather intrigued with them, sold a few but felt they were not quite complete. Just hanging them on a wall just didn't work, partly because they were so small.. they started out as Artist Trading Cards (2" x 3.5")

Couple days ago when I was supposed to be making some Southwestern things to send to gallery in NM, I had an idea on how to mount my little reflections.

I am not completely satisfied with the results but feel I am on the right track. I have lots of suede mat-board that I got several years ago. It is now about $45 a sheet 48"x36". It is also tempting me to do larger pieces. At least it is a solution without having to resort to framing.

Would appreciate any comments or suggestions.


  1. Ok tell me what do like most in all these products? I like this product most of all because its unique form others, especially the one with red rose.

  2. Thank you.
    The one with the rose, just happened.
    I had finished doing the steel and brass, it needed something else.
    I happened to see these little roses that I had made a couple years ago and Eureka!
    I love it when something comes together like that.