Monday, January 7, 2008

Wishes and Gifts

First of all Best Wishes for a Happy and Peaceful New Yea
I had a lovely Christmas with most my family here for the day, Strangefetish stayed in Chicago, but we all got to speak with her on the phone.
I got some lovely gifts, but this has to be my very favorite.

It is a little oil by my best friend who lives just a half block away. When I saw it, it was Love.
It makes me feel happy and youthful, which are important sensations, it was so kind of her to give it up and to give it to me.

I think I have Bursitis or something like it. Have actually seen a doctor, and am taking some medication which makes me sleepy, but is helping some. So has the weather, it got up to 76 degrees yesterday. Cold will return, but then we will have a couple of great days that make winter bearable for me.
I have an order of 50 Prosperity Feather to be ready by Thursday. I have finished them, just need to details, signature, and slipping each in a little Clear Bag envelope. The Norman, OK Rotary GSE Team is giving them away. Next week, have 30 more for a Rotary individual who will present them to other national officers.
I am tired of making P F, but grateful for sales at the beginning of the New Year.
Rotary and other organizations have been a good resource for my small items, often referred to as bread and butter, which is apt.
My new year's resolutions include:
Re-doing my website. Trying to get some translation help as the rate of exchange for other countries is favorable. I had two sales to UK in December. First Class International is not very expensive.
Lose the proverbial 25 lbs. and continue with Tai Chi.
Keep enjoying life.

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