Friday, January 25, 2008


Yesterday I received emails from two very talented friends who were concerned with creativity.
One a classical concert pianist and professor, who felt that though he plays superbly "but the COMPOSER is the genius." "--the creator! " and a potter who has built her own kiln, mixes her own glazes, who feels "we let what we have already done and what we have, dictate who we are and what we do in the future"

This is timely for me, as I have been doing "repeats" as they pay the bills, are safe and almost stress free.

There is nothing more wonderful than having an "eureka!" experience, but for me they are far between.
Usually, happening after, periods of stress that hurts. Then, the refining effort to complete the vision. Sometimes, the refining seems to take forever and then it might not be financially successful.
I know that even my best are not really significant, but I had the experience of feeling " I got it"
That feeling is what matters to me. It is feeling "in tune" with the universe, while being "tone deaf".

Although, this sounds like a joke, years ago, a friend told me of having a short conversation with Albert Einstein. He had the pleasure of escorting Einstein from airport to a lecture hall. They talked about ideas and creativity, my friend always wrote down all his ideas on notepads, but found to his amazement that Einstein didn't.
Einstein told him " I don't have that many good ones".

Thus, I stopped worrying if I was really an artist or what art is, I will just do what I can, enjoy the process.