Saturday, July 31, 2010

MovingAppleworks6 files(draw) to new iMac

I posted this on my LiveJournal and thought I posted here, guess I was more tired than I thought, so again.

Feel as though I have really accomplished something these last 10 days.
On the 17 of this month I got a new iMac, only to discover that all my files in my older Macs were not compatible.
I have a lot them in AppleWorks 6 Draw program, which lets you do anything, put in anything, it is really great.
Apple discontinued AppleWorks and now has iWorks which won't open all the AW files, especially the Draw.
Spent a week trying to research ways around problem, they can be moved but I would be unable to change a letter or a line. I want to keep changing them.

Finally figured out a way to do it.
I am able to to move them to my new iMac, open and change the files, delete, add to and most important, Print them on new Canon printer.

Yea, for me and I am sure I have made some salespeople "Happy" as I was going to return both.