Monday, September 1, 2008


Received a couple photos from Martin W. in Cumbs,England, who gave three of my Copper Roses to his wife for their 7th wedding anniversary.

Although he had a Paypal account he didn't want to use it as his wife would see it, so he had a friend pay me, and then he repaid his friend, but to complicate matters I then had to send the roses to his parents' home. However, in spite of all the complications, they arrived on time and his wife was happy with his gift.
I have another similar set of 3 Copper Roses available at my website or thru ArtByUS

My thanks to all that have inquired about my health, I am walking a mile or more each day, actually I walk at night.
I live near the campus of the University of Oklahoma, where they have lovely wide sidewalks that are well lit and a pleasure use.
I am taking a pill to reduce my blood pressure and am on a low fat diet, which isn't much fun but better than having another stroke.