Monday, June 4, 2007


This has nothing to do with arts and/or crafts, but thought I would mention it here.
Am listing some vintage PLAYBOY barware that my brother collected. I have been storing them since his death in 1984. They are in good condition. No Reserve, starting at $1.
click to eBay, to 4 coffee mugs, from there click on "View sellers other listings" I also have various sizes of glasses that he had.
I am going to get rid of some of the stuff that I have been keeping. Why, because I am a pack rat and I hate to throw things away. I have been in this house since 1963. The house has great storage spaces.
At least the storm shelter is empty. A daughter took over 300 pounds of scrap steel to a salvage yard for me. I probably only have a ton or so left.
Back to the promise I made to myself about fixing up a light diffuse box. I have made some progress. I have something that is temporary, but limited to small things. However, I now need to get a couple photographic light bulbs, which means a trip to OKC unless I come up with a better idea.