Saturday, June 16, 2007

More photos of Copper Rose Buds

Took a friend's suggestion and tried a dark green background for my roses. Good Idea!
Need to look for some different dark green drapes
Yes, these are the ones going to the romantic couple to use in their wedding ceremony.
I will mail them Monday.
I am going back to welding some more ATCs or whatever they will be.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Canon Powershot 550

It arrived, for $160 including shipping etc,. I upgraded from a 1.3 mp to a 7mp. Am putting the new and old photos, side by side, to see if I can see the difference. I can.

I was tempted to wait and try a get later the Canon SRL, but felt I really need one now and this I could afford. Oh, I hate to spend money but think I made the right decision.
Now to reread the instruction books (there are 2) until I understand them.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Romantic Roses

Have just completed an order for two large Copper Rose Buds with Brass Leaves. They are going to be used in a wedding ceremony as the first gifts that the couple gives to each other. This sounds like a lovely and romantic idea. I hope they will send me some pictures of the event. I have been busy this past week or so.
I was honored to have Winjimir order one of my Copper Roses. She has a great blog and is a prolific painter. Check her out at:
I also got a rush order for 3 roses for a 7 anniversary gift. Have another set for sale at my website, Joygibat.Com
Then, the local "Firehouse Art Center, has a rush order for 4 of my Circle of Friendship. They are on their way to Japan. I did them in different color of leather lacing. They look better than the photos.
I also tried putting some of my brother's stuff (Playboy) on eBay. A waste of time and money. Sold two of the 4 listings, but one of the two hasn't paid. Just not worth it.
Anticipating the arrival of a new 7 mp Canon Powershot camera tomorrow. The one I have been using is only 1.3, so hope my photos will improve.
Am back to working on my little welded ATCs. I really like them, think they will sell, but am going to try ArtBy Us and some other places than eBay.