Saturday, May 16, 2009

I didn't mean to complain about losing a sale.
Of course I didn't like it but am glad that I found out and think I have the right solution.
Got two orders off today. One was for an set of two roses, the gentleman from Indiana had phoned me, he doesn't like using a computer so he sent me a letter with instructions and a check.
The other order was a first for me.
Last week a buyer called from Baghdad wanting 7 Copper Roses. This was first time I have made a sale in Iraq.

I shipped them to his wife in Hawaii. Wow, Priority Mail is expensive to Hawaii.
I am hoping I will get a couple photos to add to my collection of "Photos from Patrons" web page.

On a very personal note, I had all of my bottom teeth removed, and a denture inserted. I now have a very expensive smile, which is nice. Will post a photo later on, right now I have two round 50 scent size bruises just below my bottom lip. I have tried covering them with make-up but they still show. Am going to visit the dentist early Monday as I have some sore spots that he has to do something about. Right now I can't chew, only sip. Might be able to lose a few pounds which would be very nice.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Disappointed with ArtByUs

I am very disappointed with ArtByUs.
I have been telling artists that have a website, to put their ABU auctions on their websites and blogs
I have a link on my web page that shows what I have for sale at ABU as I thought it helped us both.
However; I have changed my mind.
I lost a sale of a set of three roses, as a customer explained :

"Hello Joy,
I will not be purchasing your copper roses, this time around. The site was delaying my registration, so because of my time frame issue, I decided to purchase my gift elsewhere.
I am sorry that this occurred; I really liked your artwork. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

I had thought until now that it was beneficial to have the ABU listing on my website.
I am continuing to have it on but have changed the wording to this:

"The Copper Roses listed below, can be shipped immediately.
You can safely purchase my work by contacting me
By sending me an email with your selection, I can bill you quickly thru Paypal.

(You can order thru ArtByUs, but it is slower.
You must register with them, they verify you, then send me your email address.
I then contact you and bill you thru Paypal.)

As I have been urging artists to use ArtByUs, I felt I should make amends with this "what not to do"