Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Love Affair with Welding

The title of my blog is taken from the subtitle of my web site:
Many years ago, I began welding with oxygen/acetylene gases. For me it is a captivating experience, although I get tired sooner than when I began in 1963.
I am selling some of my work on eBay and ARTBYUS, so I am using this blog to record some of my successes and failures. Also as a place others my make comments on my work, offer suggestions and criticism.
I am listing on eBay, another similar Copper Rose as I have sold two others this week. Here is the Copper Rose with Brass Leaves, that I made.

Here is the LINK
The Copper Rose with Brass Leaves will arrive with a glass vase, story card telling how I made it, and a gift card for you to sign.