Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Ideas and update

My first Stroke, I think.
A week ago Sunday, my daughter brought me home from the hospital. The Thursday before I had gotten up with a strange and nasty headache, decided that something was wrong. Drove to the urgent medical office. Got there fine, but once inside, I could barely speak. They called an ambulance to take me to hospital, I was having or had a stroke.
Evidently, I am one of the very lucky ones and have little or no damage to the brain.
So, I am now on low salt, etc. diet. Looks like I will need to take a pill or so.
I have my own blood pressure meter which will tell me how I am doing.

Am finishing another batch of Prosperity Feathers for a Rotary group that is traveling to Denmark. As the copper feathers are light, they make good traveling gifts and are not expensive.

I received some photos from a couple who used two of my Copper Roses in their wedding ceremony as their first gifts to each other. Rather romantic ?

Am hoping to get back to work on more of my steel "Reflections" and have something new to show.