Sunday, May 13, 2007

Different Direction

Have been doing a lot of copper roses and copper feathers. So decided I needed to depart from realism, and explore shapes and compositions in slightly different way. Am using the ATC format of 2½" X 3½" Probably will do a hundred as by then I should know what I am doing or forget it. The sun is down, so my photos are not very good, but neither are my first ones. When I get better would like to trade.

Please comment, especially interested in your experiences doing ATCs.

Burnt Lemons

One is supposed to make lemonaide out of lemons.
though some of the tones are interesting, sort of.
I would really like to find something positive to say about burning food on stove, at least this time, I didn't melt the pan and it is easy to clean. The broth just popped right out.
I tried to stay in the kitchen when I am cooking, but I just went to put clothes in dryer, and then.......