Sunday, December 19, 2010

Schrodinger's Cat

Found this on FaceBook, I can only say that it was at:
I have always been intrigued by the concept, and think this sign depicts it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Made My Day

I just received a phone call from a very kind lady in Pennsylvania, who had purchased an earring and pin set of mine at a garage sale. She call me to ask what metal was used, and get an idea when they were made.
She was very happy to have located me, my card was still with the original box.
They were an abstract heart made with nickel silver and turquoise beads. I must have made them in the 90's.
Anyway I told her that I had a website at
Putting some form of business card with one's work is always a good Idea!
Am looking thru some photos to see if I have any of those earrings and pins. If I find any will post them here.
If that lady reads this, would she,please, email me her address, I would like to send her a Thank You card, as she has "Made My Day".


On their First Anniversary Edit
A lovely lady just sent me this photo, last night she gave her husband, T, a Copper Rose, which he has put in his pocket while the maitre d' took their picture.
It was their 1st Anniversary, and she wore the same outfit that she wore for their wedding.
The dress is extra special, as her neighbor gave it to her.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Post Office and Asian Food

The Post Office and Asian Food

I love the Post Office and use their online site a lot.This morning it would not accept an address at 525, so as there was something wrong I double checked and found my error, there should be a 7 in front of the 5. Fixed that and printed the mailing label.
I have been printing the labels for over a year, usually the letter carrier picks up the package at my mail box.
It has really been a big help but no service as Columbus Day so off I went to OK City airport office that is open 24/7.
It is also an excuse to stop at an Asian market as I love all the exotic vegetables, spices and food.

With the fresh veggies there were things that were called Red Tuna and Green Tuna, I picked one up and took it to the lady who was putting out more veggies. She whips out this huge sharp knife, peals it and indicates that I am to try it raw. I do, strange flavor a bit sweet, she points to the Green ones and says "sweeter" so I have bought two of the green ones. Goggled tuna and discovered that they are:
: any of various flat-jointed prickly pears (genus Opuntia) : one (O.tuna)
of tropical America 2 : the edible fruit of a tuna
So I have also learned something new, "these tuna are not fishy" but have a sweet and unique flavor.
They also have a lot of small hard black seeds that I don't think will easily digest.
The market also carries many different types of rice. I bought some Brown Jasmine Rice. They also had Black Sweet Rice that I like to use for sushi.
The weather is sunny without the heat of summer.
All in all, a wonderful day.
Hope all have a great week.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Rugged Cross

Just received an email from Tito's Gallery in Las Vegas, NM. that they have put my "Rugged Cross" in a show that they are sponsoring " The Cross as Art" as part of the celebration of Las Vegas 175th birthday.
The cross is welded steel with brazed accents of brass, about 12 by 6 inches.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blessing of the Morning Sun

Over the years I have made southwest images, using flame colored copper on suede mat-board.
I like the contrast between the hard metal and the soft suede.
Sky blue is my favorite color but I only have a little left, while I have a lot more of other colors, which aren't as pleasing to my eye. I would buy some more but it is so expensive about $40 a sheet.
Necessity is supposed to be the mother of invention, so I started playing with some pastels on the beige matboard.
At first I tried to just do a light blue which didn't work. I could not get the same tone everywhere.
So this is my first attempt that I am willing to show.

"Blessing of the Morning Sun".
Awake to rays of Love and Sharing
as you are wrapped in Happiness,
this Bright New Day.

Any suggestions or gentle criticism is welcome.

9 inches diameter.
Sealed will clear matte, non-yellowing finish. The sun and feather are brass.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

MovingAppleworks6 files(draw) to new iMac

I posted this on my LiveJournal and thought I posted here, guess I was more tired than I thought, so again.

Feel as though I have really accomplished something these last 10 days.
On the 17 of this month I got a new iMac, only to discover that all my files in my older Macs were not compatible.
I have a lot them in AppleWorks 6 Draw program, which lets you do anything, put in anything, it is really great.
Apple discontinued AppleWorks and now has iWorks which won't open all the AW files, especially the Draw.
Spent a week trying to research ways around problem, they can be moved but I would be unable to change a letter or a line. I want to keep changing them.

Finally figured out a way to do it.
I am able to to move them to my new iMac, open and change the files, delete, add to and most important, Print them on new Canon printer.

Yea, for me and I am sure I have made some salespeople "Happy" as I was going to return both.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New photo of Copper Rose

I am always thrilled to hear from a patron, Karl sent me this photo of the Copper Rose, he gave to his wife on their seven wedding anniversary.
He said, "My wife loved it."
Have posted it on the web page that shows photos that people have sent me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tito's Gallery showing Jane Wasaw Pottery

This is a interesting gallery located in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
I have known and consigned some of my work with Tito and Mary Chavez for more than 10 years. If anyone lives near Las Vegas, I suggest that you stop by. If you are an artist you might contact them about consignment. They are very honest and caring people.

Jane Warsaw Pottery Exhibition at Tito’s Gallery during June.

Las Vegas resident Jane Warsaw will exhibit recent works of hand-thrown pottery during the month of June at Tito’s Gallery, 157 Bridge Street in Old Town Las Vegas. Warsaw, an accomplished potter, will punctuate her continuing exhibit with gallery talks and pottery wheel demonstrations on June 12, starting at 1 PM.

Warsaw shows her colorful pottery in the gallery. She also teaches classes in her studio, and the public is invited to discuss that with her.

Besides her work as a sculptor, potter and teacher of clay arts, Warsaw has had a career as a software engineer and as a professional musician, and she is currently teaching in the music department at the United World College.

Refreshments will be served from 1-4 PM on June 12. Interested persons may get more information by calling Mary Chávez at 505-425-3745.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ball of Whacks

Received an early Mothers' Day gift from my daughter in Chicago.
Love it and had not known of the Ball of Whacks, like "the whole ball of wax".
So a couple photos of an arrangement I made.




There are endless possibilities with the 30 pieces, which are magnetized.
Playing and manipulating the pieces of the ball is believed to be a way to creative thinking.
We shall see if I come up with some new ideas.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wisteria is in Bloom

This Spring, Norman is full of the blossoms. The Wisteria is really lovely. I even have a few plants growing along the fence.

Wishing everyone "Happy Spring!"

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Artful Bra Project inspired Bountiful Bra Project

Just a quick note and a link.
The goal of the Bountiful Bra Project is to increase awareness of breast cancer and to raise funds to help our Charlotte County neighbours who are dealing with all types of cancer.
The Bountiful Bra Project was inspired by Mary Day Colcord of Barrington, New Hampshire. Early in 2009 Mary made us aware of a breast cancer awareness project organized by the Quilters of South Carolina. Being a breast cancer patient for several years, Mary said she seldom found much about breast cancer to make her smile. Mary felt that their 'ARTFUL BRA PROJECT' was a wonderful exception. We agreed and immediately decided to bring a similar project to Charlotte County, New Brunswick. We decided to call ours the BOUNTIFUL BRA PROJECT. We thank Mary for her inspiration and starting us on our way.
To see the bras go to and scroll down a bit.