Friday, October 19, 2007

Spinning Lady

An interesting site, Spinning Lady

I haven't made anything new, or sort of new, just roses, feathers, trees, and thing similar to what I have done in past, they are still selling so I can't complain.
Best wishes to all.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This for 51 cents?

I am not sure what happened when I listed this single Copper Rose on ArtByUs, I used the "Buy it Now" options, but did not list an beginning price, so I have two bids on it,and it is at 26 cents. Thus, the minimum bid is now 51 cents.

This is not what I intended, so I thought I would put it in this blog in hopes a few readers will bid more.
I intended the bidding to begin at $15. not in the cents range, as I sell these at $30.

These are the details of this bargin!

A Copper Rose with three Brass Leaves arrives with a white box, ready for giving.
I have made this copper rose which is colored by moving the flame of my torch over the copper.

The leaves are brass brazed to a steel stem which I cover with brass.

A small bit of colored cotton is hidden in the center that holds rose oil.

Also included is a gift card and a story card telling how the roses are made.

Shipping is $5. within USA.

Thank you for looking.