Sunday, October 17, 2010

Made My Day

I just received a phone call from a very kind lady in Pennsylvania, who had purchased an earring and pin set of mine at a garage sale. She call me to ask what metal was used, and get an idea when they were made.
She was very happy to have located me, my card was still with the original box.
They were an abstract heart made with nickel silver and turquoise beads. I must have made them in the 90's.
Anyway I told her that I had a website at
Putting some form of business card with one's work is always a good Idea!
Am looking thru some photos to see if I have any of those earrings and pins. If I find any will post them here.
If that lady reads this, would she,please, email me her address, I would like to send her a Thank You card, as she has "Made My Day".


On their First Anniversary Edit
A lovely lady just sent me this photo, last night she gave her husband, T, a Copper Rose, which he has put in his pocket while the maitre d' took their picture.
It was their 1st Anniversary, and she wore the same outfit that she wore for their wedding.
The dress is extra special, as her neighbor gave it to her.