Saturday, November 15, 2008

I like this set of 7 Copper Roses better than the last set that I sold.
These are going to a gentleman in West Virginia, who really plans ahead.
His 7 wedding anniversary isn't until March '09, but he wanted to get them before Christmas.
I told him that although I was in my seventies, I was pretty sure I would be around next year, but I guess he doesn't want to take any chances.

I am going to offer a similar set on ArtByUs as a "Special Order"

I am very glad that I have retired from doing art shows, especially the outdoors ones.
I took some hot vegetarian soup to a friend that has set up at our local Downtown Art Market this cold windy Saturday. He was alone, and I was sure he had no access for a break or hot food.
His sister is doing a two day art show, in OK City. At least she is indoors.
I don't envy either, what I do miss is seeing the artists and skilled craftsmen.
It was fun seeing some of them again, but too cold to stand long and visit.
Surprising there were buyers at the show.
That makes it worthwhile.