Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Poor Pitiful Pauline"

I can't chew gum and walk at the same time, I can't walk and talk on a cell phone. In fact I have trouble even doing one thing at a time but usually I could do several thing spread out over a day. Not now.
My creativity, as I like to think of it has been asleep or perhaps comatose. I have been able to fill orders and was able to make a few modifications on my roses by making them taller, with more sets of leaves, for a gentleman who wanted 7 in a vase for his 7 wedding anniversary, however it took me much longer than it should.

I am unable to come up with anything new or exciting or even get back to developing more of my "Reflections."
I have been concentrating on walking, which I have had some success, trying to stay on a low salt diet is very difficult and I am not doing very well with that nor has my blood pressure gone down much, even though there has been several increases in dosage. I have lost some weight but need to lose more.
In other words, I am failing as an artist and at getting well .....I am a poor pitiful pauline!
Take heed everyone, take care of your health!