Monday, October 11, 2010

The Post Office and Asian Food

The Post Office and Asian Food

I love the Post Office and use their online site a lot.This morning it would not accept an address at 525, so as there was something wrong I double checked and found my error, there should be a 7 in front of the 5. Fixed that and printed the mailing label.
I have been printing the labels for over a year, usually the letter carrier picks up the package at my mail box.
It has really been a big help but no service as Columbus Day so off I went to OK City airport office that is open 24/7.
It is also an excuse to stop at an Asian market as I love all the exotic vegetables, spices and food.

With the fresh veggies there were things that were called Red Tuna and Green Tuna, I picked one up and took it to the lady who was putting out more veggies. She whips out this huge sharp knife, peals it and indicates that I am to try it raw. I do, strange flavor a bit sweet, she points to the Green ones and says "sweeter" so I have bought two of the green ones. Goggled tuna and discovered that they are:
: any of various flat-jointed prickly pears (genus Opuntia) : one (O.tuna)
of tropical America 2 : the edible fruit of a tuna
So I have also learned something new, "these tuna are not fishy" but have a sweet and unique flavor.
They also have a lot of small hard black seeds that I don't think will easily digest.
The market also carries many different types of rice. I bought some Brown Jasmine Rice. They also had Black Sweet Rice that I like to use for sushi.
The weather is sunny without the heat of summer.
All in all, a wonderful day.
Hope all have a great week.

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