Sunday, January 9, 2011

Violence is never the answer.

I have signed a number of petitions thru the internet.
Some people are certain that it does nothing, a waste of time.
I agree it is better to sign a paper petition, or send a letter thru the US mail but I am not certain that using the internet is fruitless.
I think after this attack in Arizona that people need to voice some kind objection to public and private persons promoting hate and violence.
I feel a lot of anger about the shootings in Arizona, but violence is not the answer.
Think we must find other ways to cope.
I discovered years ago that this action helps me defuse anger.
I call it "Roar like a Lion"
Sit, stand, whatever, Stick out your tongue with your mouth open, flex your hands like claws, open eyes wide, and Roar!
Repeat, until anger is gone, or in retreat.
Very satisfying when you do it with a friend but will work when done alone.
Thus, to those who have much anger and hatred, I will join you with a Roar, but not in even wishing harm to those who anger you.

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